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Pantheon Website Management

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Pantheon helps developers build, launch and manage websites and includes the world's fastest performance for Drupal and WordPress websites.
Main Features
  • Launch sites faster
  • Integrations made easy
  • Drupal and WordPress websites
  • Guaranteed uptime and scale

Pantheon is the leading website management platform that delivers the fastest hosting performance on the planet for Drupal and Wordpress websites.

Pantheon goes light-years beyond traditional website “hosting.” It’s built for web CMS. We deliver incredible performance. We make every site fast, scalable and redundant with our website development and hosting platform built from the ground up for Drupal and WordPress. Pantheon replaces DIY infrastructure, managed hosting, generic cloud platforms, and cowboy DevOps. Pantheon delivers performance, security and scale as a service making it easier to build, launch and run professional websites.

We have amazing uptime, air-tight security, a real-time developer dashboard, scriptable CLI, and a RESTful API.  Integrating Marketo into your Drupal or WordPress sites is made easier when you site is running on Pantheon's platform.  We ensure that connections to Marketo's services and thousands of other online service providers is tested and supportable on our platform.

Over 85,000 sites have launched on Pantheon's platform.