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B2B Demand Gen & Account Based Marketing-ABM

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Overground helps B2B marketing leaders develop persona-based lead nurturing campaigns that integrate with demand generation programs to fuel growth.
Main Features
  • Lead Nurturing Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Creative & Content Creation
  • Program Optimization & Mgt.

We Are Overground

  • Overground is a Marketo Partner that helps aspiring B2B organizations generate, nurture and convert leads to fuel customer growth and revenue by embracing the customer journey.  We believe persona-based lead nurturing is an essential to moving buyers forward in the customer journey and a key contributor to revenue growth.
  • Unlike other agencies, Overground integrates its lead nurturing programs across the channels that contribute to new customer opportunities while enabling sales to have high-value interactions that drive revenue.
  • We're a B2B demand generation agency with sales enablement capabilities that focuses on uncovering breakthrough revenue opportunities across the entire buyer journey. Our clients tell us that we are strategic, nimble, transparent and focused on performance.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM brings sales and marketing together, focused on the account, with marketing providing the proof of touchpoints that contribute to revenue. With Marketo’s ABM platform, we help our clients:

  • Reach key target accounts across all channels
  • Engage individual accounts with personalized messages and content
  • Target the main stakeholders within your key accounts
  • Help sales teams drive the deals they're targeting

Closed-loop Platform Integrations

We believe platform integration and cross-platform analytics are critical to closing the loop and maximizing ROMI (return on marketing investment). 

Our sales and marketing platform integrations include:

  • Ad, media & social platforms
  • Content platforms
  • Web properties
  • Predictive digital content
  • Marketing automation & lead management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Lead scoring
  • Data cleansing and enriching
  • CRM
  • ERP

 Free Consultation

We invite you to evaluate how Overground can help you achieve your growth goals by employing Marketo’s multi-faceted lead management platform. 

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