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Optimized Sales & Marketing (OSM) is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application that seamlessly integrates with Marketo and your CRM.


OSM is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application that provides predictive analytics and optimization for your sales and marketing. It seamlessly integrates with Marketo and your CRM to provide a direct link between marketing leads and sales opportunities. By using OSM you can easily measure marketing's contribution to revenue. You can measure the ROI on your marketing programs and create an optimal marketing mix that achieves your revenue goals at the minimum cost.



Know which marketing programs work with weighted multi-touch attribution and return on investment analysis.


Use machine learning to know how much pipeline and revenue your current marketing will produce this quarter and year.


Use mathematical optimization to know which marketing programs to run and when to run them to maximize your impact on sales.

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OSM's Marketo integration automates:

  • Connecting Leads to Sales Opportunities
  • Weighted Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution
  • Marketing Program ROI Analysis
  • Marketing Funnel Predictions
  • Robust Reporting Across Marketing
  • Optimized Marketing Program Mix

To learn more about the integration, email help@orm-tech.com.

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OSM unlocks insight that’s buried in your CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Any modern Marketer needs to give it a look.
Geoff Bibby, VP Marketing at Zix