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OptiMine models at the individual keyword level from the head through the tail. Multivariate predictive modeling one 6 techniques that can be applied.
Main Features
  • Keyword level optimization
  • Full transparency and control
  • Minimum 25% ROI improvement
  • Improved results guaranteed

OptiMine drives dramatically increased financial results—25% or more. Guaranteed.
In competitive trials, 4 out of 5 advertisers saw increased results of 20% or more and 40% saw increases of 50% or more. In fact, given that 98% of advertisers saw increased financial results with OptiMine, chances are good that you’re leaving money on the table in your paid search program if you’re not using OptiMine.

No one can do bid optimization the way we do.
Some say OptiMine’s approach is the Holy Grail of keyword modeling: predictive, multivariate modeling at the individual keyword level. OptiMine can even apply multivariate modeling to keywords with as few as 10 conversions per year—no clustering! Every day, OptiMine looks at every keyword, individually, and chooses one of six modeling techniques—multivariate being the core—best suited to that particular keyword to determine and place the optimal bid for tomorrow to achieve your selected global financial goal. No one else can do this. No kidding.

“As an online retailer, paid search is directly tied to our bottom line, so performance is paramount. We did a comprehensive evaluation of the full range of technology providers, and ultimately chose OptiMine due to its ability to drive superior results. eBags got up and running quickly last year with a trial at the onset of our most critical time of year, and we were delighted to experience our best-ever holiday shopping season for search.”

- Amy Viverito, Vice President, Marketing, eBags

Don’t take our word for it; it’s fast and easy to see for yourself.

See for yourself the money you’re leaving on the table without OptiMine. We can get you up and running—conducting live bidding—in three weeks, with measurable increases in just five weeks. At the end of eight weeks, you’ll have tangible proof of the dramatic results OptiMine can drive for you. From there, moving to a full subscription is ridiculously easy.

Free yourself to focus on other important stuff; we’ve got your bids (and your back) covered.
Once you set your financial goal and constraints, OptiMine takes it from there. You get maximum results without lifting another finger; OptiMine continues to adjust bids daily to maintain your competitive edge. Easily change the direction with just a few clicks to adjust for changes in your business, such as a peak season or sale.