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Optimal Advertising & Analytics

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Buy and manage social media ad campaigns with Optimal's ad platform. Identify targetable interests and audience profiles with Optimal Analytics
Main Features
  • Build & optimize Facebook ads
  • Customize bidding rules
  • Import existing campaigns
  • No setup fees required

Optimal is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for real-time integrated audience analytics and ad buying for Facebook and Twitter.

Optimal is a Twitter Ads API partner and the only company that is both a Facebook Exchange-qualified Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) for retargeting and is also qualified in three PMD focus areas (Ads, Apps and Insights).

Optimal Advertising

Say hello to a completely seamless ad-buying solution. 

With a single point of access, you can create and manage all of your Facebook and Twitter ads, including Facebook Exchange (FBX) Retargeting ads and Custom Audiences, on our simple-to-use platform.

Powerful campaign management features, simplified.

Design multivariate iterations of your creative and targeting elements and manage them easily on our intuitive interface. Then, optimize your campaigns with automated, customizable bidding and budget allocation rules. Use our complete suite of predesigned optimization rule templates for optimal results.

Work with our team of experts to launch full-scale campaigns.

Optimal offers both self-service and managed service options. With self-service, you can build and optimize Facebook ads in minutes. If you would like to receive personalized attention in strategy development for a full-scale project, work with our team to execute campaigns to meet your business objectives.

Optimal Analytics

Find invaluable insights on audiences to aid in campaign planning and optimization.

Used in tandem with Optimal Ads for competitive analysis as well as for keyword & targeting generation, Optimal Analytics tracks over 10,000+ brands and 1 billion+ customers. These data-points are synchronized on a minute-by-minute basis with developed metrics for multiple mediums: mobile, desktop, TV and in-store.

Identify influencers and viral content.

Track competitors and map audiences by demographics, interests, location, and buying behavior using billions of social data points.

Find similar audiences.

Improve media buying by targeting new audiences similar to your campaign’s most successful user segments on Twitter and Facebook. Used by 4 of the top 10 social advertisers.

Use our award-winning tools.

Optimal's News Feed Promoter, a winner of Facebook's "Era of News Feed" Innovation Competition, identifies and promotes winning posts based on any combination of qualifying factors with extreme precision.