OpenText TeamSite

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OpenText TeamSite enables marketers to easily create personalized brand experiences across traditional, digital and emerging channels.
Main Features
  • Redesigned user experience
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Tile-based view of projects
  • Comprehensive targeting

OpenText TeamSite is a modern, dynamic and flexible web content management platform. TeamSite enables marketers and other business users to take control of multichannel experiences and campaigns. Content owners can craft beautiful, personalized digital experiences across web, mobile, email, social, portals, and more – without needing IT assistance.

TeamSite is easy-to-use and simplifies the content creation and publishing process. Its new, graphical interface is tile-based and built with the latest user interface technology and user experience concepts. Business users can drag and drop assets, easily spot and manage their projects and pages, and rely on a central source for content. This helps them save time in publishing new or updated content, and allows them to reuse templates, components and assets.

All content created in TeamSite is mobile-ready by default; the content automatically detects devices and scales to fit the wide variety of screens. Marketers can also quickly repurpose content for hybrid mobile app campaigns – and push updates to the apps without having to republish content.

Connecting your Marketo instance to TeamSite helps you create consistent customer experiences across all digital channels, while also giving you a deeper analytical view of customer behavior, including which content proved most effective for a given campaign.

With the Marketo-TeamSite integration, you can:

• Take control of your high-value digital content by leveraging a single source of truth

• Create once and republish content to email and other channels

• Increase compliance by allowing use of only approved assets

• Improve productivity by effectively managing assets and reducing duplications

• Track and analyze the customer experience – from email to landing page to web and mobile experiences 

To learn more about TeamSite, please visit http://engage.opentext.com/products/teamsite.