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Target banners in your corporate email signatures based on Marketo Segmentation. Automatically capture leads when people click the banners.


Tired of asking all your employees to update the banners in their email signatures?  

Opensense lets marketing:

  • Centrally control all email banners across all devices and templates in seconds.
    • Any device such as Outlook, iPhone, Gmail and more
    • No Software to Install
  • Targeting each banner based on the recipient of each email.
    • By Industry, Title, Geography etc
  • Automatically Capture leads that people in your company are emailing.
    • Did you know that over 50% of the contacts that your employees email are not captured?
  • Drive up-sells, cross-sells and event promotions easily. 
  • Insert banners within your Marketo email templates


Marketo to Opensense integration guide

By integrating Opensense and Marketo you’re now able to:

  • Automatically target email signature banner ads based on the recipient's segmentation in Marketo
  • Automatically capture leads who click on email signature banners back into Marketo
  • Add banners to Marketo email templates
  • Sync Marketo Landing pages so that your banner ads can easily link to them.

In order to use this direct integration, you will need to have a Opensense "Connect" account and a Marketo account.  Please see our PDF integration guide for detailed instructions.

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