Analyze, Clean, Enrich & Unify Your Data

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Openprise Data Automation lets you analyze, clean, enrich, and unify your Marketo and Salesforce data. Continuously improve your data quality!
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Improve data quality
  • Continuously clean your data
  • Unify data across sources
  • Eliminate duplicates

Openprise automates the process of analyzing, cleaning, enhancing, and unifying Marketo and Salesforce data so that you can deliver data-driven marketing programs and deploy advanced marketing technologies such as marketing automation, predictive marketing, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions.


Analyze Data Quality

Quickly understand data quality in your Marketo and Salesforce sytems so that you can improve campaign performance. Openprise includes a library of pre-built reports to identify patterns and issues in your data, and built-in integrations with solutions such as Salesforce, Marketo, Google Apps, and Amazon Redshift.


Continuously Cleanse Your Data 

Continuously clean, de-dupe, and normalize your marketing data in real time to maintain a complete, accurate view of your prospects and customers. Tap into the Openprise reference data library to standardize on correct field values with a high degree of accuracy, even with data that spans multiple languages. Take advantage of built-in process templates to quickly create and customize automated data management rules, rather than coding or creating hundreds of filters in your marketing automation solution.


Enrich Your Data

Enrich your data with new fields and missing values to better segment your database and deliver more relevant, personalized messaging that provides higher response rates. Infer from existing data fields such as area code, city, state, and country to create more precise segments. Enhance your data with segmentations such as job function, job level, and even buyer persona to see your prospects in a whole different light. Openprise can also match leads and contacts to accounts to jumpstart your ABM initiatives.


Unify Data Across Systems

Automatically reconcile conflicting fields from multiple internal and external sources to ensure you always have the best data possible. Customizable rules allow you to make decisions about which data sources, under which circumstances, can take precedence for any given field.


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Marketo Integration

Openprise integrates with Marketo via the Marketo API. Current integration pulls data from Marketo continuously on any schedule you specify. Openprise will provide update capabilities in the very near future.

See attached configuration guide on how to configure Marketo and Openprise for this integration. We highly recommend you view the tutorial video