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Collect valid consent and granular preferences, adhere to privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR, and protect your marketable universe.


Driving engaging user experiences while respecting consumers is a growing challenge for marketers trying to personally connect with consumers and demonstrate compliance in the age of global data privacy regulations. Regulations like the CCPA, TCPA, CASL, and GDPR have created complex challenges regarding how companies communicate with their marketable audience and giving consumers options to communicate their engagement preferences with brands. 

OneTrust PreferenceChoice brings a comprehensive suite of products that integrate directly with Marketo to empower organizations to continue to use consumers data respectfully and in a more transparent way. OneTrust PreferenceChoice enables companies to implement advanced user interfaces and user experiences across marketing technologies to collect user consent and preferences across channels, scan for tracking technologies within websites and mobile apps, automate the fulfillment of consumer rights requests from a single portal, and centrally maintain historical consent records.

•  Engage in a respectful and transparent way to build trust with your customers. 

•  Drive opt-in demand by leveraging granular preferences across sales and marketing channels. 

•  Build a historical audit trail with detailed records of engagements and opt-in/outs. 

•  Demonstrate compliance across hundreds of global privacy regulations.

OneTrust is the largest and most widely used technology platform to operationalize privacy, security and third-party risk management. According The Forrester New Wave™: GDPR and Privacy Management Software, Q4 2018, OneTrust "leads the pack for vision and execution." Additionally, Fast Company named OneTrust as one of 2019's World's Most Innovative Companies.      

More than 3,000 customers use OneTrust to implement their privacy, security and third-party risk programs, automatically generating the specific record keeping needed to demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations including the GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, Brazil LGPD, and hundreds of the world's privacy laws. 


Universal Consent & Preferences

Integrate a Central Preference Center and Detailed Consent Records with Marketo

Mobile App Scanning & Consent

Scan Apps to Detect Where Data is Going and Manage Required Consent

Website Scans & Cookie Compliance

Scan your Website for Trackers and Collect Consent with Custom Cookie Banner User Experiences

Consumer & Data Subject Rights

Automate the Customer Rights Requests Lifecycle from Intake to Fulfillment to Reporting for CCPA

Max Limit (6 Features)


OneTrust and Marketo brings together the most advanced marketing engagement platform and the world’s leading privacy and marketing user experience solution to improve engagements and build consumer trust. This integration package empowers business to drive opt-in demand, demonstrate transparency to build trust with consumers, and adhere to hundreds of global privacy regulations. With Marketo and OneTrust, businesses get the robust marketing and engagement possibilities to communicate with your customers, along with the flexibility to present to the consumers unique preference and engagement options tailored to their experience at any given time. 

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OneTrust leads the pack for vision and execution in GDPR and Privacy Management Software, Q4 2018
 The Forrester New Wave™