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Audienti B2B Marketing & Audience Targeting

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Audienti is audience-first B2B marketing software that identifies who your audience is, where they spend time online, and what content engages them.
Main Features
  • Audience Identification
  • InfluencerConnect
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Content Inventory

Audienti is audience-first B2B marketing software that helps businesses grow more traffic by ensuring that the right content reaches the right people through the right channels. We identify your audience and pinpoint the best strategies to reach them.

Through SEO, competitor tracking, content marketing, and social listening, Audienti connects you with the people that are influential in your industry, giving you greater visibility to connect with your target consumer. We identify your audience, find out where online they spend their time, and provide you with the best ways to connect with them.

Audienti is your marketing sidekick. We perform all the time-consuming research and administrative tasks so that you can spend your time being a marketing rockstar. Our dashboard allows you to quickly and easily determine how to allocate your time for maximum marketing impact and minimal resource spend.