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Oktopost makes it easier for employees to share approved content, boosting your organic reach and lead generation on social media.


The Oktopost Employee Advocacy solution makes it easier for the entire organization to share approved content, amplifying reach, driving engagement, and increasing social media ROI. 

With Oktopost, employees can easily discover and share all of the latest company content wherever they are, on any device. They can also filter this content by topic and network to ensure it aligns with their specific audience. As a result, companies can amplify their content's reach while positioning employees as thought leaders. 

From employee-level metrics like no. of shared posts to marketing-level metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions, Oktopost lets marketers track every single activity and establish their program's ROI. By connecting Oktopost to Marketo, marketers can leverage all of this social data to better nurture, score, and attribute leads.



Employee Advocacy Dashboard

Employees can easily discover and filter company-approved content and share it across their personal social networks, on any device.

Advocacy Leaderboard

Marketers and employees alike can easily view clicks and shares generated by each member to identify top brand ambassadors and gamify the program.

Advocacy Analytics

From clicks to conversions, marketers can measure and report their employee advocacy results to establish their program ROI.

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The Oktopost-Marketo integration enables marketers to improve their lead nurturing, scoring, and attribution programs based on social activity that's generated from employee advocacy.

Oktopost adds a whole dimension of social data that's currently missing inside Marketo. Every click action that's taken by leads who came directly through employee advocates, is automatically synced with Marketo. Along with click activity, Marketo users gain access to a range of data parameters including, which network, employee profile, campaign, and content topic the specific lead came from.  

Given the additional layer of social data from employee advocacy, Marketo users can design more accurate lead scoring and lead attribution models, which prioritize social engagement. Moreover, they can take a more personalized approach to nurturing leads with relevant content that's tailored to their interests. 

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When we look at the last 6 months, employee advocacy enabled us to share 10X more social content, generating a 70% increase in our organic social reach.
Daniel Klaus, Senior Manager of Global Digital Marketing at Fujitsu