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Oktopost - Employee Advocacy

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Oktopost Employee Advocacy enables companies to amplify their reach, and generate leads from social media.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Amplify social reach
  • Marketo social data sync
  • In depth analytics
  • iPhone and Android apps

With Oktopost's Employee Advocacy, marketers are able to amplify reach, drive engagement and increase social media ROI. Leverage the reach of social media marketing through employees, while enabling them to achieve thought leadership status.

Make it easy for employees to share on the go with mobile apps for iPhone and Android. 

Using Oktopost's in-depth analytics, marketers can calculate their Employee Advocacy ROI with data on clicks and conversions. By connecting Oktopost to Marketo, marketers can better nurture and score leads with a complete set of social data.




Oktopost's Employee Advocacy, is a part of our complete B2B Social Media Management platform.

  • Publish - large scale social publishing, to multiple profiles and networks.
  • Listen - hear what your audience is saying and engage in the conversation.
  • Measure - see real B2B metrics, from clicks to conversions for a complete social media ROI.
  • Integrate - share the social data with Marketo, for better lead scoring and nurturing.
  • Amplify - get your employees on board for an increased social reach.


Marketo Integration

Our Marketo integration provides the ability to improve lead nurturing and scoring programs based on social activity that's generated from employee amplification.

Using a simple integration with your web-forms, Oktopost enables organizations to capture information about leads that originate in social media. Oktopost brings the same level of reporting found in systems like Google AdWords to social media, uncovering data such as which group, profile and message were clicked on before the user was converted to a lead.

Oktopost will update Marketo with the lead source information automatically. The setup is easy, all that is needed is set up workflow triggers in Marketo based on the information Oktopost provides and segment leads based on social interests for marketing and nurturing purposes.