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Oceanos helps you Cleanse, Enrich and Grow your contact database.


Data Cleanse & Append

Most companies have a huge blind spot when it comes to theaccuracy of their contact data. The emergence of Account BasedMarketing has only amplified the need for clean data. For morethan 15 years, we have diligently tested, analyzed, and methodicallybenchmarked all types of data assets.  We leveraged thisexperience to develop a model that reads “signals” in order toestablish data quality. Each contact is ranked on a scale thatrepresents the perceived accuracy. The resulting score is used todetermine which contacts are deemed most accurate, ensuringthat contacts that are confirmed bad or suspect are flagged. We thenhelp you fill-in missing values and append newattributes that deliver actionable intelligence.The result is improved lead scoring, predictiveanalytics, and content alignment.


Oceanos Advantage:

•   Free data health check & trial period

•   Multiple treatments to isolate bad data

•   Accurate appends and high match rates 

•   A la carte pricing models and subscription tiers 

•   Set notification thresholds so you never exceed your budget

•   Data advisory experts to help maximize your investment


Get started with a Contact Gap Analysis 

Do You Know Your Data Quality score?You’ll learn the extent to which your house contacts align to your audiencedefinition, and you’ll gain insight into the contacts that you’re currently missing.You will obtain a clear lens into the state of your contact data and the addressablemarket. This information ultimately serves as a blueprint for a customcontact acquisition strategy.






The Oceanos Advantage

Here at Oceanos, we have always believed that you need to make the best use of what you already have in your database before acquiring net new contacts.  We feature some of the highest match rates available, and with our connector, your database will achieve its greatest performance potential.  Our approach combines social and 3rd party data with API data partners to maximize reach and accuracy.


Try It For Yourself - On Us

We welcome you to try the Connector, and by registering you will earn a Free Trial Credit to see the results with your own eyes.  You’ll find that it’s easy to hold yourself accountable by setting spending thresholds to stay within your budget.  Beyond cleanse and append, we suggest that you leverage our advisory experts (yes, real people) to fulfill the rest of your data needs. 


•   No sign up fees, no contracts, no commitments

•   Free trial period

•   A la carte pricing models so you pay for what you need

•   High match rates on multiple data points

•   Social media verification and append capabilities

•   Set notification thresholds so you never exceed your budget

•   Advisory experts to help with all your data management needs

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Oceanos provides quality data through a well managed process. Oceanos has verification processes that always result in accurate data.
Zak Pines, VP, Marketing at Bedrock Data