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Oceanos - Data Cleanse and Append

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Oceanos designs data management strategies to Cleanse, Enrich and Grow your contact database.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Free Data Health Check & Trial
  • Accurate and High Match Rates
  • Incorporate Social Data
  • Data Experts to Help

Will your data pass our white glove test?

Most companies have a huge blind spot when it comes to the accuracy and completeness of their own data.  By shining a spotlight on what’s wrong and missing, we can radically improve lead scoring, predictive analytics and content alignment.  The result: Empowered marketing automation that can accelerate sales and increase revenue.


Oceanos Advantage:

•   Free data health check & trial period
•   Multiple treatments to isolate bad data
•   Accurate appends and high match rates 
•   A la carte pricing models and subscription tiers 
•   Set notification thresholds so you never exceed your budget
•   Data advisory experts to help maximize your investment


Why Oceanos?

For more than 13 years, we have diligently tested, analyzed and methodically benchmarked hundreds of data sources for our clients.  Each time, we’ve learned a little more.  Today, our process excels at isolating bad data and delivering accurate data appends with high match rates. 

The core of Oceanos has always been our one-to-one advisory services. True to our roots, we invite you to work with us directly for any Data Cleanse and Append projects that may need deeper thinking or additional data points appended.

With clean and complete contact data, you're ready to run a Contact Gap Analysis.  Gain insight into the contacts you have and the those missing at each account. With an understanding of the gaps within your database, you can focus your discovery to find the most valuable contacts missing within each account.  With a continuous and targeted list building strategy in place, your contact data will be better aligned to accelerate all types of demand generation initiatives.





Marketo Integration

A marketer’s dream is to run successful campaigns that yield strong leads within their target audience.  Sales would be plentiful and revenue goals would be met.  That’s the ideal, right?  Every day we are pulled in several different directions and presented with a multitude of challenges.  Anything from small budgets to time constraints can hinder our efforts and keep us from realizing our goals.

However, what if you were able to create a workflow that incorporated a one-stop shop for all your data needs?  What if you could connect your data to a solution that would erase past bad data buys by populating missing fields, verifying existing values, and correcting inaccurate information?  The Oceanos Data Cleanse and Append App can help you facilitate this, and all in one easy step.  You will look like a hero as you bring your existing database up to speed, while only paying for the data points you need.


The Oceanos Advantage

Here at Oceanos, we have always believed that you need to make the best use of what you already have in your database before acquiring net new contacts.  We feature some of the highest match rates available, and with our connector, your database will achieve its greatest performance potential.  Our approach combines social and 3rd party data with API data partners to maximize reach and accuracy.


Try It For Yourself - On Us

We welcome you to try the Connector, and by registering you will earn a Free Trial Credit to see the results with your own eyes.  You’ll find that it’s easy to hold yourself accountable by setting spending thresholds to stay within your budget.  Beyond cleanse and append, we suggest that you leverage our advisory experts (yes, real people) to fulfill the rest of your data needs. 


•   No sign up fees, no contracts, no commitments
•   Free trial period
•   A la carte pricing models so you don’t pay for more than you need
•   High match rates on multiple data points
•   Social media verification and append capabilities
•   Set notification thresholds so you never exceed your budget
•   Data advisory experts to help with all your data management needs