nFusz’s interactive video marketing platform allows anyone to create, distribute, post, track, and measure interactive videos that deliver the sales and marketing messaging for you, effectively eliminating friction from the sales and marketing process.

By nFusz, Inc.

Add interactive calls to action into your company videos in seconds. Receive click-by-click video analytics. Improve conversion rates by up to 600%.


Want to improve your conversion rates by up to 600%? nFusz's notifiCRM is a next-generation interactive video sales tool that allows anyone to become a video marketing and sales expert. Grab the attention of your leads and supercharge your sales with interactive video. notifiCRM provides an affordable and easy-to-use platform where you can add calls-to-action right in your company videos. Your prospects or customers can click to buy your products or services, click to learn more, even click to schedule an appointment with you - without leaving the video, while the video is still playing. Your interactive videos will do your selling for you.


Next-Generation Interactive Video

Easy-to-use platform where you can add calls-to-action right in your videos. Your prospects or customers can click to buy, schedule, or call.

Interactive Video Manager/Editor

Upload your videos or just copy and paste your YouTube video links. Add clickable buttons in your videos

Does Your Selling For You

With a few clicks, you can import your contact list, set up customized groups, and choose interactive videos to do the selling for you.

Social Share

Share your interactive videos on your social media pages through our “Social Share” feature, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Email Share

Import your Marketo contacts easily. Create groups. Create automated interactive video campaigns. Convert your video links into animated GIFs.


Check out your click-by-click video analytics, and target who to follow-up with next. Set up automated follow-up messages and watch the sales roll in

Max Limit (6 Features)


Contacts Sync

Keep all your data sync, our simple process allows you to bring your contacts from Marketo to our system, and your new contacts generated by our top of the line technology videos to Marketo, without missing any data. 

Campaigns Integration

All your Marketo campaigns, lists, and contacts will be available inside our system once you set up your integration.  This will allow you to work with all the power of the Marketo automation, right on our video editor and campaign manager.

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You've got to ask for the sale. If you don't ask, you don't get. So no matter how you sell, there must be a call to action. We provide that call to action, right in the interactive video.
Rory Cutaia, nFusz CEO