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Social Influence @ Scale
Main Features
  • Scaleability
  • Centralized Command & Control
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Manage Repeatable Processes

NewzSocial is an industrial strength social media marketing campaign solution that empowers you to use your employees and supporters as social advocates to massively amplify your reach.

NewzSocial's approach to social media marketing is unique in how it manages the workflow of curating content, scheduling posts using social advocates, and measuring results. 

What sets NewzSocial's platform apart:

1. Scalability - manage many campaigns and sub campaigns across thousands of users, groups of users, with auto scheduling and rules embedded within each campaign.

2. Campaign Automation - Streamlined workflow to manage repeatable processes to achieve large scale impact.

3. Centralized Command and Control - complete audit process, manage approvals and workflows, user authorizations, checks and balances.

4. Extensive Analytics - drill down by campaign or campaign group, user, content, social media channel, track UTM codes, to optimize ongoing results.