Lead Intelligence: Verify & Score

By Neustar Inc.

Neustar's Lead Intelligence enables Marketo customers to cleanse customer and prospect data prior to storing.


Cleanse and prioritize leads before storing.Decrease costs. Increase revenue. 

One of the key pain points for Marketo customers is the need to cleanse and prioritize leads before they are stored. This results in missed opportunities, increased costs and lost revenue. 

With Neustar Lead Intelligence, Marketo customers will be able to cleanse customer and prospect data in real time or in batch by verifying contact information and scoring prospect data.

Highlights of the integrated solution include:

•          Improve and score lead data before storing

•          Integrated with Marketo via API

•          Real time or batch processing


What Makes Neustar Better?

Neutrality – Deliver the gold standard for accurate, real-time customer and media intelligence, across all data and media.
Offline and Online Identification – Ensure increased match rates, expanded footprint and a complete view of your customer.
Syndication, Scalability and Reach – Identify linkages across major media partners to distribute audiences and execute on targeting tactics.


Gain the Insight You Need with PlatformOne. 

In additional to Lead Intelligence, Neustar has a wide array of solutions for marketers to help you better connect with your customers to deliver personalized offers.

Neustar's PlatformOne is an integrated marketing solution that gives marketers a complete, real-time portrait of their customers and prospects based on accurate data, enabling a personalized dialogue across all marketing channels.


Isn't it time you put your data to work for you?



With consumer data constantly changing, how can you ensure that your data is correct and that you’re focusing on the right leads? It’s challenging to cleanse and prioritize customer and prospect data, especially prior to storing in Marketo. Not addressing this challenge results in missed opportunities, increased costs and lost revenue.

Neustar’s Lead Intelligence solution can help cleanse customer and prospect data in real time by verifying contact information and scoring prospects, before storing. This enables you to focus on customers with a higher propensity to buy and clean up your CRM data base in the process.


  • Neustar easily integrates into Marketo via an API to retrieve your data

  • Utilizing Neustar’s best in class data, we cleanse your CRM information by standardizing contact information, verify customer data and score your leads

  • We do it in real time or in batch


It Starts With Identity

Neustar has the largest repository of authoritative data linked to online and mobile identifiers. We augment and corroborate our profiles everyday to give you the most accurate, comprehensive and broadest coverage available.

With better identity you can increase reach and target with precision, all of which leads to better marketing ROI and customer experience. 

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