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VisitorTrack® delivers real-time insights on the web activities of business buyers who would otherwise go unnoticed.


Insights into the B2B Buyer Decision Journey with VisitorTrack.
Identify the 95+% of web visitors who don’t self-declare

Research has shown that often B2B buyers get 60% of the way through their decision process before they engage with the vendor. These prospective customers are using vendor web sites and social media for their research. But, if these buyers are invisible to you, you miss the opportunity to influence their decision criteria. VisitorTrack from netFactor identifies these invisible visitors and gets your sales team back in control of the buyer decision journey.

Do I know you?

CRM and marketing automation tools do a great job of assisting in customer and prospect communication with business contacts that are known. But, what about the world of potential customers you don’t have contact information to reach? VisitorTrack augments your database of known prospects with new contact information by accessing this information via our partnership with ZoomInfo. VisitorTrack turns invisible web visitors into actionable prospect intelligence including Company name, Address, Phone number, Website, key Executives, email addresses and more.
Sales-defined leads directly from your website.

Marketing calls it a lead, Sales calls it a name.

The time honored friction between what Marketing defines as a qualified sales lead and what Sales views as a qualified lead can finally be resolved. Through sophisticated filtering capabilities, VisitorTrack gives each sales rep the power to define their own criteria for what a qualified web lead looks like. And, through its individualized custom reporting and alerting, VisitorTrack automatically delivers these sales-defined quality leads directly to the sales rep. Finally, peace in the family!

Key VisitorTrack Features
  • Identify companies actively reviewing your products and services in real-time
  • Digital buyer path to your website – search engine or direct hit + keywords used
  • Digital visitor footprint on your website-pages viewed, duration, frequency, etc.
  • Detailed company and key contact intelligence from ZoomInfo
  • Sophisticated filters to segment the visitor data for individual user relevance
  • Trigger notifications on page visits indicating deep product interest
  • Instant Alerts delivered directly to users based on user-defined criteria
  • Customized reporting – build and automate reports to match user-defined relevance

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VisitorTrack easily exports your saved contacts to Marketo Lead Database.  Leads are created in the Marketo Smart List All Leads.  Follow the steps below to export your contacts. 

1.  Access your saved contacts from the main menu.  Contacts| My Contacts

2.  Select up to 10,000 contacts to export to Marketo and select the Export Contacts link.  Choose the "Export as Marketo Lead" option and Next.

3. Choose your preference on how you want Marketo to handle duplicate Leads. Options include Create New Leads Only, Update Existing Lead Only, Create or Update Leads (default) and Create Duplicate Leads. Select Export.VisitorTrack easily exports your saved contacts to the Marketo Lead Database. Leads are created in the Marketo System Smart List All Leads. Following the below steps to export your contacts.

4.  Access your marketing automation history from the main menu to view the status of your up exported contacts.  Integrations | Marketing Automation | History.



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