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Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics

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Get Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics FREE today, and use insights from your mobile web visitors to create effective web marketing strategies.
Main Features
  • Analyze mobile web traffic
  • Understand your mobile visitor
  • Improve engagement on mobile
  • Improve your conversion rates

Mobile Analytics gives you everything you need to know about your mobile web visitors.

Customer mobile preferences impact engagement, abandonment rates and conversion. Understanding a customer’s device choice, the operating system and screen-size, location and connection speed means you can design better web pages for mobile visitors. 

Identifying causes of basket abandonment, poor engagement or low conversion among mobile users means such insights can be used to adapt content, optimize user journeys, re-configure page design, and even A/B test possible use case scenarios. Customer profiling based on device usage and context allows marketing organizations to align their mobile marketing spend to the highest revenue opportunities.

Mobile Analytics helps you effectively deal with the vast number of different devices viewing your web properties. It also gives you insight in to global traffic figures and other consumer trends that may vary geographically. Should you cater for smart TVs, watches or in-car browsers now, or in the future? Your latest promo video, store locator map or product image galleries all work differently on different devices. Analytics can segment mobile web traffic in to personas, to help prioritize when to introduce new campaign content and webpage features.