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NetBase delivers the social intelligence that global brands and agencies use to publish, monitor, analyze and engage with customers in real time.
Main Features
  • Manage Marketing/Ad Campaigns
  • Analyze Consumer Path-Purchase
  • Analyze Consumer Emotions
  • Track & Engage w/ Influencers

For integrated marketing and advertising campaigns to be successful, companies need a clear understanding of their target audience. They can use surveys or focus groups, but these provide only a limited view and are often expensive. With NetBase Social Media Intelligence, brands and agencies can get a real-time, accurate understanding of their target audience and the success of their digital strategy across owned, earned and paid media.

The world’s most social brands use NetBase to:

Manage Integrated Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

  • Analyze the sentiment and passion campaigns create. Understand which campaigns resonated with your audience and come up with a plan to alter or amplify the message to shape perceptions.
  • Understand how the messaging/content performed. Evaluate whether you were successful in engaging or influencing consumer behaviors.
  • Identify the most-talked-about campaign elements. Determine which elements had the most effect, then leverage them in new messaging that builds positive sentiment for the brand.

Analyze Behavioral and Emotional Patterns That Map to Consumer Path to Purchase

  • Analyze the target audience’s emotions and behaviors. Drill into emotions and behaviors, auto-detected by NetBase’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, to discover patterns that outline key motivators and barriers along the consumer path to purchase.
  • Analyze conversation themes based on emotions and behaviors. Analyzing conversation themes and patterns provides valuable insights into what’s prompting the feelings of consumers.
  • Analyze geographic locations and gender. Determine where customers are located to focus messaging and engagement.

Use B2B/B2C Lead Generation Techniques 

  • Intercept those expressing wants and unmet needs. Identify the types of emotional words or phrases used when talking about the product, or think about the things a prospect would be complaining about if they suffered from the problem you can solve.
  • Target Your Competitor’s Detractors. Set up a topic for each competitor and filter for negatives, sorted by time.
  • Understand the Effects of Tent Pole Events. For a B2B lead gen professional, the annual industry conference is perhaps the richest time of year to mine for sales opportunities.

Track and Connect with Influencers
Every company has influencers who can affect their business. Identify influencers before their opinions go viral and implement an early detection system. Engage in real-time.