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Distribution Engine

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Are you generating leads from Marketo? Struggling to create fair round robin assignment, load balanced, territory / skill routing?
Main Features
  • Round robin
  • Lead score / source segment
  • Territory / skill routing
  • Enforce time to contact

Assigning your Marketo Leads quickly and evenly to reps within Salesforce can be challenging. Distribution Engine automates your Lead assignment process making sure your Leads are efficiently assigned and followed up by Sales.

  • Round robin / load balance algorithms to ensure fairness
  • Segment based on any field including Lead score
  • Working hours and out of office calendars
  • Weighed assignment to respect quotas
  • Territory / skill based routing
  • Prevent cherry picking or manual assignment
  • Enforce time to contact / follow up behavior with alerting and auto reassign
  • Simple to install and configure