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Add SMS to improve acquisition & customer experience! Our high availability platform ensures the right SMS delivered direct to the customer's phone!


Mtarget SMS Gateway

Increase your communications reach dramatically by adding SMS to your mix! SMS has a great reach, 96% delivery rate straight to the customers' handset. Whether for transactional activity ( alerting / notification)  or for bulk marketing, this can be readily achieved with MTarget's SMS Gateway and Marketo.

Secure & Smart

Mtarget uses a secure (fire, electricity, access), air-conditioned and under surveillance server centre housed in two different locations in France in secure data centres:

• High availability virtualized servers

• Backed up power supply and equipment

• Supervision of systems in operation

• IP filtering and connection tracing

In order to improve the performance of our platform, our technical team has come up with a workflow which optimizes handling times, replies and incoming/ outgoing flows.

Our in-house developed «Mtarget Messaging center», manages waiting times, allowing us to be permanently dedicated to assuring the best quality of service for our clients.


Using Marketo “Webhooks” and Mtarget’s SMS Gateway via a free API account, you can be quickly communicating with customers via SMS.

Here is a guide explaining how to create a webhook that sends an SMS to a Marketo lead using Mtarget’s platform.

Contact us on [email protected]  to subscribe in order to open a free API account and get some help.

Enjoy SMS communications with Mtarget!

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