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Movable Ink enables marketers to use intelligent content to activate data and generate the perfect email content for anyone, at any moment.


Movable Ink offers the leading intelligent content platform, which enables marketers to power real-time personalization that drives performance, increases productivity and delivers compelling consumer experiences. 

More than 500 leading brands such as Delta, eBay, Spotify and The Wall Street Journal rely on Movable Ink to create rich, relevant, real-time experiences. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in London, San Francisco, and Sydney. For more information, please visit


Content Generation

Stand out in a crowded inbox with content that boosts revenue with real-time information like live pricing, inventory & polls.

Data Activation

Easily access and activate all your data sources throughout the enterprise including APIs, CRM and website.

Business Logic

Increase contextual relevance by targeting content based on each customer’s real-time location, device, or local weather conditions.

Signals Product

Create behavioral blocks that incorporate email and website activities for real-time content personalization and optimization.

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Movable Ink's technology exists as images within the HTML of the email that is ultimately deployed through Marketo. HTML image embed codes are copied out of the Movable Ink dashboard and pasted into the email in Marketo. Movable Ink is simply powering dynamic images in email at the moment of open.

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We value Movable Ink as an extension of our email marketing team. Their technology helps us save time, personalize our messaging at the individual level, get insights on performance, and increase ROI
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