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MoData | B2B Revenue Acceleration Insights

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Real-time insights and predictive analytics to improve sales & marketing performance, expedite lead-to-renewal process and accelerate revenue.
Main Features
  • Sales Pipeline Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Activity Tracking
  • Sales Perforamnce Analysis


Insights for B2B Revenue Acceleration 


Modata provide sales intelligence generated by AI to help businesses improve sales productivity and increase revenue.

Pipeline analysis and sales forecasting is no longer brainer.  Modata allows customers analyze sales data through single interface. No more spreadsheets. Get quality insights on all major sales metrics, as well as marketing's contribution to revenue, via custom or pre-built reports.

Sales leaders rely on our sales analysis and predictive analytics to make data-driven decisions, and  to ensure their rep's efforts are properly directed towards achieving company's sales goals. They report that incorporating insights from Modata into their sales teams' day-to-day tasks has saved them vast amount of time, which resulted in better sales performance.


  • Gain the confidence to make accurate day-to-day sales and marketing decisions.
  • Reduce decision time by 90% by analyzing all your sales and marketing data through single interface.
  • 100s of out-of-the box KPIs to keep you top of your game.
  • Prediction models to extrapolate your future sales and marketing performance.

Sales Pipeline Management


  • Slice and Dice Opportunity Pipeline

  • Score Deals by Their Likelihood to Close

  • Identify Best Steps for Stalled Deals

  • Uncover Latent Factors



Sales Productivity Analytics


  • Evaluate Stalled Opportunities
  • Get an Activity Overview
  • Ensure Strategic Consistency


Sales Velocity Tracking


  • Maximize the rate at which your business generates revenue

  • Track down process-level weaknesses

  • Compare your deal velocity to industry leaders

  • Get access to historic data of your sales velocity


Revenue and Sales Forecasting


  • Ease of Use

  • Improved Accuracy

  • Data Driven Predictions

  • Real-time Overview


MQL Quality Tracking


  • Unify Sales and Marketing Data

  • Single interface for all your data
  • On-Demand Frequent Measurement