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Mobile App Marketing Automation & Analytics

MobileBridge  |  Applications
The leading mobile app engagement automation solution.
Main Features
  • Asset Management
  • Mobile Marketing Automation
  • Loyalty Management
  • Deep Analytics

MobileBridge is a mobile marketing and engagement automation solution designed to provide digital marketers the ease and flexibility they need in elevating their branded mobile apps. The cloud-based platform provides a fully integrated solution to leverage all available data sources such as CRM, POS, marketing automation systems, ecommerce platforms, and more to create unique, personal mobile journeys for each and every user. The result is increased user engagement, more customer loyalty, and higher revenues.

Highlights of the MobileBridge platform include:

  • Asset Management - Quickly leverage native assets to include in campaigns to engage users with interactive assets such as games, surveys, polls and more. 
  • Visual Workflow Management - Create mobile journeys for each segment and profile of your audience to create interactive, multi-touch campaigns based on user activity triggers or various data sources.
  • Segment & Loyalty - Create detailed segments with various attributes from multiple data sources to target programs for maximum impact. Build loyalty programs that create passionate brand ambassadors.
  • Analytics - Just by plugging in MobileBridge into your mobile app, you gain additional insights on your users without any additional work. Analyze geo- and location-based activity to know exactly what your users are doing where. Drill down to know what specifically users are doing and identify trends to make key business decisions quickly.