AI for Marketing and Sales in Marketo

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Mintigo's powerful AI platform combines insights with predictions to intelligently manage customer engagement across the entire journey at scale.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Deliver propensity scores
  • Identify ideal customers
  • Use insights-driven segments
  • Optimize customer journey

Mintigo offers a cloud-based predictive marketing and sales platform that helps enterprise marketing and sales teams use data and intelligence to find buyers faster, intelligently engage them, and help focus on the most important thing—their customers.

The platform easily integrates into Marketo and CRM systems. Using a robust AI platform, it powers Marketo marketing programs and campaigns with real-time predictive insights (Ideal Customer Profiles) and propensity scores for every lead and account. The Benefit:  Intelligent customer engagement through the right message, the right offer, the right channel, and the right time. The Result: Efficient management of leads and accounts, increase of sales pipeline and ultimately revenue.

The platform leverages AI and predictive analytics quickly and at scale through a robust and simple API, making it ideal for better aligning sales and marketing, creating personalized customer engagement, and optimizing the customer journey at scale.

Enterprise and growing customers including: Insight Enterprise, CA Technology, Spectrum Enterprise, WorkFront, Quantum, Solarwinds, Neustar, NGINX, and Commvault are already using Mintigo to transform their marketing automation and sales processes.

Through real-time and seamless integration with Marketo, Marketo customers can benefit from the following features:

  • Through ABM integration with Marketo API, every lead/account is augmented with predictive insights and propensity scores.
  • Marketo database expansion discovers real-time Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and predictive insights that are automatically created running on Mintigo’s 3,500+ indictors, external fit data, as well as internal data coming from Marketo, CRM, data warehouse, or even transactional systems.
  • Insights-driven segmentation and targeting on Marketo’s ABM campaigns, RTP, Social and Display.
  • Powerful platform that produces actionable account based intelligence on the customers’ entire journey and a unified marketing + sales account-based strategy for sellers.

Powered by AI, Mintigo can help marketers focus on their customers, easily and intelligently identify the ideal customer, and manage and optimize customer engagement across the entire journey at scale.

Marketo Integration

Mintigo for Marketo integrates easily and directly to the Marketo platform in less than an hour. Mintigo predictive models enrich account and lead records in real-time through Marketo’s REST API with Propensity Scores and Predictive Insights.

These Predictive Insights can then be used to intelligently engage potential customers, create segments and targeting, and craft the right message and right offer to be delivered through the right channel at the right time.

All seamlessly integrated and can be instantly accessed through the Marketo platform.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how customers, like SmartBear, are using Mintigo and Marketo to profile its ideal customer and target high-fit leads.