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The Mintent content marketing platform helps marketing teams base their content plans on corporate strategy, personas and the buyer's journey.


Mintent is a content marketing platform built specifically for content marketers and communication managers. It is a an end-to-end platform that helps content marketing teams define strategy, plan content production, and measure results. Marketers can manage all their content including blogs, websites, emails, events, social media and more from one cloud-based interface. 

By integrating Marketo, marketers can publish their content directly from Mintent into Marketo landing pages and email templates for distribution. In addition, performance metrics are pulled back into Mintent so they can be analyzed with your other content and shared with the rest of your team.  

Mintent's application includes:

  • Strategy tools:  themes, theme-cycles, personas and customer journeys
  • Robust Editorial Calendar: advanced filtering, drag-and-drop, custom color-coding, global and regional calendars
  • Collaborative Workflow: metadata tagging, assignment submissions, workflow E-mail triggers and reminders, approval steps and workflows, commenting
  • Granular roles and permissions: manage access and edit rights at different stages in a content type's workflow
  • Drafting, publishing and scheduling: integrated with multiple CMS platforms such as WordPress, and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn
  • Asset Library: track, audit and report on both online and offline assets
  • Analytics and reports: content composition, gaps in strategy and customer journey alignment, and asset and strategy performance, integrated with Marketo's analytics system


Mintent helps Demand Generations teams increase leads and reduce the time it takes for their content development by connecting their content ideation, strategy, workflows, and planning directly into Marketo. Mintent’s comprehensive Marketo integration allows team to publish their content directly from Mintent into Marketo landing pages and email templates for distribution, as well closing the loop on performance metrics by pulling in Marketo analytics.

Integrating with Marketo is done through the Mintent platform. Start a trial and users can setup the new connection under the Integration Settings. Fill out your Marketo credentials and your accounts will be connected in seconds. 


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