Account Based Targeting

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Target your buyer personas within your named accounts using predictive marketing and programmatic marketing platform
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Reverse Engineers Your Buyers
  • Target Lookalikes
  • Run Ads Across Social+Display
  • Auto-Optimize Using A.I.

Metadata provides a closed-loop account based marketing solution that amplifies your marketing campaigns with opt-in qualified leads. Our patented technology pulls your historical sales data, enriches it, profiles your ideal customer (both company and persona) and finally orchestrates the process of accelerating existing opportunities & targeting net new accounts.

Among our clients you can find Cisco, Mulesoft, Payscale, Infoblox and others. Privacy agreementTerms of Use and EULA.

Marketo Integration

Very simple, one-click integration.

Just go to Integrations and Click on the Marketo logo