Marketo - Generic CRM Sales Insight

By Merlin/Leonard

Plug this app on your CRM and have a look on your lead score, priority, emails, interesting moments from Marketo on your CRM contact page!


Your company has acquired Marketo but you don't have a CRM with a native connection to Marketo such as Selligent, or the Oracle family. But as a Marketing Manager you would like to pass valuable information to the sales team along with the lead such as :

  • the score and the priority of a lead
  • his intesting moments
  • the emails the lead has opened and clicked.



Installation :

This app is very easy to install on your crm : your CRM team will just have a button to create on the contact page with the correct URL behind. The URL will contain your SOAP API Marketo credentials, the email address of the lead as parameters.

The connection between your CRM and our server is secured as well between our servers and Marketo (HTTPS).


Usage :

When the sales person clicks on the button, a Sales Insight window pops up with all the relevant information found in Marketo based on the email address.

IF no address is found a message appears indicating this.

If two relevant email addresses are found in Marketo the first lead is displayed.



This app is free and delivered "as-is". Just contact us in order to inform us you will use the app.

Should you want a dedicated support on this app, we would be glad to put you in touch with our service centre which is specialized for application maintenance.


Important Notification:

This app is NOT a CRM solution per se : your company must have a CRM solution or a sales application AND Marketo in order to use the app.


The Marketo - CRM Generic Sales Insight is fully integrated with Marketo.

Please see the integration details steps in the attached document.

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