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We capture digital conversations about wants, needs and experiences -- so our clients don’t have to guess. They can know and act, now.
Main Features
  • Discover Net New Leads
  • Make Contextual Offers
  • Reduce Digital Ad Waste
  • Boost Engagement & Conversion

Mblast Lead Discovery and Scoring can...

  • Lead generation: Discover prospects across the social web, filtered by their stated needs, desires and preferences, and scored by their relevance to your company’s products and services.

  • Customer segmentation: Mblast social profile data can be used as decision inputs to improve offer personalization and reduce the cost of customer acquisition and increase revenue from existing customers.
  • Market research: Adding social intelligence to the marketing lifecycle enables you to make better decisions about objectives and strategies. Execution is improved because you have a clearer picture of the messages and channels preferred by your targets. And performance metrics are more timely and accurate.  
  • Influencer engagement: Our patented algorithms ensure clients have the most accurate picture of the people speaking across the web about their company, products or competitors. Mblast presents influencers in an easy-to-understand Top 25 list, so companies can quickly identify and engage the people most relevant to their programs and campaigns.
  • Thought-leadership: We help organizations benchmark and measure their performance driving online conversations, an important indicator of their ability to attract new prospects and grow market-share.

The Mblast difference

Mblast is different from most ad-tech solutions you already know - in two important ways:

  • First, we measure the quality of social content and interactions, not just the quantity, so you can focus on the people and conversations that truly matter to your business
  • And second, we enable you to see the whole person, which means all the content they create and share across all their social accounts, not just their individual interactions.

Because we do a better job filtering, scoring and segmenting people and their content, you can do a better job targeting your messages and programs to build more awareness, increase revenues and improve service.