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Markistry Approach to High Performance ABM

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Let us measure you an ABM Framework that elegantly stitches together People, Processes, and Technology with Revenue-focused approaches.
Main Features
  • ABM Workshop
  • ABM Revenue Blueprint
  • ABM Jumpstart

Determining what changes are needed to improve sales and marketing processes and outcomes is difficult even for highly-experienced leaders.  Once you’ve committed to change, the next and perhaps most important decision is “do we make this journey on our own or do we use a guide?” 

No matter which route you choose, Markistry can help you make better, more informed decisions with our Workshop andRevenue Blueprint engagements. These engagements are designed to assess current states, educate diverse teams to establish baseline knowledge, and ensure that your organization has the compass and basic roadmap to move purposefully in the right direction. Our Jumpstart! implementation engagement is focused on putting immediately into practice what was preached and gleaned from the Workshop and Blueprint. Achievable, measurable goals are set for obtaining key victories to expand internal buy-in and build momentum.