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Meet incommand. Our Lead Management Platform.

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Lead Management and marketing automation platform for companies who sell through resellers or dealers. Services include systems setup and deployment.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Lead Database
  • Lead Distribution Rules Engine
  • Territory Management
  • Behavior Tracking and Scoring

MarketNet’s incommand Marketing Platform™ is a Lead Management platform for companies who go to market through multi-step sales channels (dealers, distributors, resellers). Combined with Marketo’s powerful marketing automation suite, we capture, verify, qualify, nurture and then distribute leads to the best sales resource, resulting in higher close rates and more revenue for clients. Our lead distribution rules engine can support sophisticated channel strategies, considering dozens of variables in deciding where to place a sales lead. The lead distribution rules engine addresses shortcomings of mainstream CRM platforms by evaluating many more lead factors, and laying out sequential decisions until a sales resource with the best chance of closing the lead is chosen. Once leads are delivered, resellers can access them through the web-based incommand CRM Lite module. It provides an easy interface to view and manage leads. incommand integrates with popular CRM packages such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics to send leads to direct sales personnel and to channel sales managers. Finally, the incommand platform provides metrics showing how well each dealer manages the leads sent to them.

MarketNet offers services to set up both the incommand Lead Management and Marketo Marketing Automation platforms. These services include overall Lead Management strategy, Lead Nurturing, Content development, landing page and email development, marketing automation deployment, reporting services and training.

Marketo Integration

MarketNet’s incommand system is tightly integrated with the Marketo marketing automation platform. The incommand system collects sales leads from all sources, both web based and manual. incommand initially scores leads and distributes those that are qualified directly to sales. Leads that are not sales qualified are automatically passed to Marketo for further nurturing. Marketo’s sophisticated marketing automation suite allows for further targeted engagement and tracking until the lead shows indications of being ready to purchase. At that point, the lead is returned to incommand for distribution to the client’s CRM package or to client resellers who use the incommand CRM Lite Lead Management module. All contact activities are maintained in incommand for a complete view of a prospect’s history and engagement behaviors. This view includes all interesting moments collected for leads in the Marketo platform.