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Cloud-Based Marketing Centers

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Cloud-Based Marketing Centers allow you to deliver customized marketing materials that your dealers, franchises or agents will use.
Main Features
  • Ability to customize materials
  • Ensures brand compliance
  • Saves design cost and time
  • Reduces obsolescence

If you are the head of corporate franchise, dealer or agent network, you are likely spending a significant amount of time and money on marketing materials that are not being used or not producing the results you would expect. This is why many people in your position are opting for Cloud-Based Marketing Centers (CBMC).

CBMCs help businesses like yours:

  • Increase the amount of marketing franchises, dealers and agents do on their behalf
  • Reduce total inventory and inventory obsolescence expense by printing more pieces on demand.
  • Control co-op reimbursement expenses on dealer print marketing.
  • Ensure that branded materials are consistent and high-quality

CBMCs are one-stop shops for all marketing items. CBMCs can involve a variety of items like:

  • Email
  • Display ads
  • Print collateral and POP
  • Direct mail
  • Business cards

Marketing Impact develops CBMCs for companies who want to protect the brand, engage their network and simplify the marketing process.