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MarianaIQ - Deep learning AI for Marketo

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Mariana's deep learning AI cleans and enriches existing data, reducing unqualified leads (and costs) by up to 75% and augmenting those that remain.
Main Features
  • Analyze existing customer data
  • Clean and augment leads
  • Create customer personas
  • Identify new prospects

MarianaIQ is a deep learning AI that integrates with Marketo to analyze, clean, augment, and increase marketing leads.

Mariana's neural networks analyze over 50,000 data points to match your customer data with both public and proprietary profiles. This matching enriches your Marketo data by updating contact accounts and roles, even bringing in new phone or email information.  

But Mariana does more than just cleaning up your existing customer data. We find you new prospects.

Machine learning automatically creates persona models based on your ideal customers. These personas are applied to a database of over 10M accounts to find the specific individuals who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

Deep learning enabled prospecting finds contacts that humans, who focus primarily on titles, typically overlook. New prospects can be automatically fed into your Marketo database, saving your sales team time and allowing them to focus more on nurturing relationships.