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Marketo and MarcomCentral allow access to corporate email campaigns that field teams can customize for a local market.


MarcomCentral’s integration with Marketo brings the power of digital marketing to approved users within your portal, allowing access to pre-approved corporate campaigns that can be executed on a local level. This integration provides email marketing with ease by allowing end-user customization with corporate controlled content, the ability to track user activity and monitor reporting on an admin level, and eliminates the need to create individual Marketo programs and campaigns for the various local use cases your organization may require.


The integration is designed to allow any approved portal user the ability to trigger a campaign directly inside MarcomCentral, alleviating the need to share access to your corporate Marketo instance or create additional log-ins. Marketo tokens within your templates translate directly to our intelligent forms with permission-based rules that make it easier to control content and off-brand messaging, yet still gives the user creative freedom to customize to their specific needs.

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