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Marketo now integrates REAL Handwritten Letters into your workflow. Same day setup.


Want high touch marketing automation?


You just stumbled across our tool that automates customer touch and emotional connections; something Abraham Lincoln would use if running for presidency today. MailLift is a handwriting service designed from the bottom up for marketers and sales professionals.

Postmark Perfect

MailLift ships the letters from your location. We have distribution all across the World. The USPS marks each MailLift with your local postmark. This makes us the best option for businesses.

  • All mail is shipped First Class via the USPS

Real Handwriting! No Fonts. 

  • The content of the letter is handwritten by a real person.

"Sending a handwritten thank you note or gift to a high value new customeror prospect can be a big delighter and can encourage word-of-mouth praise." — Jimmy Wong, Senior Manager of Business Analytics at LinkedIn.


It's easy to integrate MailLift with your smart campaigns to give your conversions and retention a lift. 

  • Make personal touch part of your brand 
  • Get leads to pick up the phone and call you 
  • Boost renewal and retention 

It takes 15 minutes to set up your first integration so get started today! 

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