CMS & CRM Integration and Implementation

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Magic Logix offers fully integrated marketing automation and consulting services as a Marketo partner to nurture and engage your sales leads.
Main Features
  • Custom Marketo Implementation
  • CMS & CRM Integration
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketo Consulting

Marketo Integration and agile web development are cornerstones of our business. We utilize Marketo within multiple content management systems, including Drupal, Symphony CMS, Joomla, WordPress and Magento. 

Drupal and Symphony Solutions

Drupal and Symphony CMS are both very customizable and robust content management systems. We’ve provided customizable solutions within both of these systems, including the creation of custom text fields for use in node forms, accepting Marketo landing page URLs, custom form integration, JavaScript embed code for forms 2.0, and personalization within marketing campaigns.

Within both content management systems, we are able to integrate a variety of marketing products, including all of Google’s products and tools such as Salesforce and NetSuite. You can learn more about Drupal or learn more about Symphony CMS to understand how our approach to Marketo integration yields innovative results for our client base.

WordPress: Marketo Integration, Plugins and Beyond

We understand just how popular WordPress is. In fact, we built a custom WordPress plugin for Marketo. This plugin allows users to creative native WordPress forms that can be embedded in pages or posts using WordPress shortcodes. The forms also sync leads to Marketo.

We can fully integrate Marketo within any allowable WordPress constraints to make sure your company’s marketing automation solutions maximize the most for your sales and marketing goals. Learn more about how we utilize WordPress and Marketo for our clients.

Joomla: Customization and Expert Marketing Automation

Not to outdo ourselves, we also created a similar customizable Marketo plugin for Joomla. This plugin takes advances actions within Marketo and allows the user to track leads, build custom forms, embed forms in any page and push leads to Marketo.

See what we’ve done with Joomla and just how we’ve helped our client base when this is the preferred CMS.

Magento Ecommerce Solutions For Your Client Base

It’s no secret that Ecommerce and marketing automation go hand in hand. As an agency that’s partnered with both Magento and Marketo (with developers certified in both) we understand how to reach every imaginable capability so no stone is left unturned. This results in powerhouse online commerce solutions, reliable personalization marketing campaigns and secure and stable forms.