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By Madison Logic

ABM Demand Generation that will generate accurate, up-to-date contacts from target accounts that are currently looking for a solution just like yours.


Madison Logic’s global account-based marketing (ABM) solution empowers B2B marketers to convert their best accounts faster. By integrating the ML Data Cloud with CRM and marketing automation platforms, intent data, and more than 20 other datasets, marketers execute a unified activation strategy across the funnel with ABM Advertising and ABM Demand Generation to align with sales, accelerate the buyer journey, and drive growth.


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In a perfect world, you can take an “if you build it, they will come” approach to generating demand from the right companies.   

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. In our world, the person doing the research and downloading your inbound content isn’t the same as the key decision-maker your sales team wants to talk to. But buying dated lists of contacts or having your sales team spend hours looking for the right people can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming.  

Our ABM Demand Generation will generate accurate, up-to-date contacts from target accounts that are currently looking for a solution just like yours. Beyond that, you can target accounts that aren’t looking with hyper-targeted ABM Advertising so that you’re on their list of possible vendors when they start. Make your sales team happy with Madison Logic’s ABM Demand GenerationInstead of relying on inaccurate, time-consuming methods or wasting your money buying contacts from unreliable sources, Madison Logic’s ABM Demand Generation allows you to efficiently generate demand by:
• Using advanced, global content syndication to specifically target people with the right job titles from accounts that are actively searching for a solution like yours right now
• Using the best account intelligence available – from more than 20 data sources – to help you efficiently spend your content syndication budget on accounts that are more likely to convert
• Using ABM Signals from your marketing automation and CRM platforms to automatically trigger and stop content syndication programs based on where the account is in the marketing nurture, sales, and post-sales funnels
• Giving you a truly global (and GDPR-compliant) solution to generate contact information from anyone, anywhere in the world 

“We are an absolute profit center now. A lead that comes through from Madison Logic has a higher propensity to convert to an opportunity at a significantly higher rate. So now we are allocating 80% of our marketing budget to Madison Logic.”
Kevin Salas
Director of Demand Generation

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