ActivateABM Global Account-Based Marketing Platform

By Madison Logic

Find influencers at your best prospects, engage them through digital advertising and content syndication, optimize journeys, and measure ABM results.


Madison Logic helps B2B companies accelerate growth. Marketers use ActivateABM™, our global account-based marketing platform, to find influencers who show research signals, engage them with digital advertising and content syndication programs before and after they self-identify, optimize buyer journeys, and measure results. Integration between ActivateABM and Marketo enables marketers to use their first-party data for journey optimization and to bring sales and marketing closer together with shared insights.   

Find the organizations and people who are showing research behavior

ActivateABM provides a B2B data management platform (DMP) to connect you with real people in your target accounts, no matter what methods you use to create your account lists. You build audiences using data science that analyzes multiple datasets—not just IP addresses—to precisely reach B2B buyers based not only on the company they work for but also on the job title,geography, and research activities they’re conducting across the B2B web.    

Engage the right people before they raise their hands 

ActivateABM efficiently delivers hyper-relevant content to people who are actively researching products via digital advertising and content syndication. You can engage all the decision makers on the buying committee before and after they actively signal their interest by visiting your site or registering for your content. You can increase product awareness among people you already know and uncover new influencers within target accounts.  

Optimize buyer journeys—continuously and automatically 

ActivateABM continuously listens to the first-party data in Marketo and automatically moves buyers to new programs as they progress down the funnel. This journey optimization lets you take a more strategic approach to nurturing buyers.

Measure what matters

ActivateABM includes the cross-channel reporting you need to show how account-based marketing programs deliver ROI.  

Align sales and marketing teams

Together, Marketo and Madison Logic bring marketing and sales closer with shared insights into the account pipeline, accessible through Marketo and your CRM system.  


Together, Marketo and Madison Logic provide B2B companies with a comprehensive solution for account-based marketing, covering all stages in the buyer journey. Our joint customers can increase penetration within their target accounts and convert accounts faster through more effective lead nurturing. Marketo customers can configure our integrations within ActivateABM™ with no support from IT.  

Faster nurturing

Leads from your lead generation programs automatically pass into Marketo to trigger nurture programs and on-site personalization. No more wasted time waiting for vendor reports and file uploads.  

Journey optimization

ActivateABM continuously listens to the first-party data in Marketo and automatically moves buyers to new programs as they progress down the funnel. This journey optimization uses digital advertising programs to deepen engagement with email-based nurturing and on-site personalization powered by Marketo. 

Marketing insights

ActivateABM uncovers the topics that buyers are researching across the B2B web, to guide content strategies and nurture programs. This intelligence is accessible to marketers within the Marketo interface.

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