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LookBooks for Marketo

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LookBookHQ converts interest into deeper content engagement by empowering buyers to self-educate at their own pace.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Increase content engagement
  • Package related content assets
  • Do more with every click
  • Measure post-click engagement

LookBooks for Marketo

LookBooks for Marketo turn attention into engagement by delivering the perfect personalized content experience for Bob, Sally and the rest of your prospects. And because LookBooks collect post-click content engagement data that feeds Marketo, you can better segment and score your audience and accelerate engaged prospects through your funnel.

With LookBooks for Marketo, you can:

  • Simplify the design and delivery of personalized content experiences using our Content Canvas 
  • Share multiple pieces of related content in a single session (both your own content and third-party validation)
  • Accommodate and identify fast-moving buyers who consume a lot of content very quickly – a key indicator of sales readiness.
  • Create personalized experiences based on your Marketo leads’ demographical and behavioural data
  • Increase content engagement, reduce sales cycles and accelerate the buying journey

Why LookBooks?

Prospects need to engage with a lot of content before they're ready to buy, and a third of your prospects will binge on your B2B content if you let them. Getting someone's attention is hard enough, but holding on to it and converting it into real engagement is even harder. 

LookBookHQ is the only content engagement platform that satisfies buyers' craving for more here and now. LookBooks for Marketo convert interest into deeper content engagement by empowering buyers to self-educate at their own pace, whenever and wherever they click. 

Marketo customers, including many leading B2B brands, use LookBookHQ content experiences to increase the volume and velocity of MQLs, reduce sales cycles and increase engagement with their content – leading to a measurable improvement in marketing’s contribution to revenue.

Do more with the moment with LookBookHQ:

Marketo Integration

LookBookHQ’s integration with Marketo allows you to gain new insight into how prospects are engaging with your content. The LookBooks - Marketo integration enables you to easily:

  • Add LookBooks to Marketo emails and landing pages
  • Sync leads captured from LookBook timed forms to your Marketo database
  • Track and measure real, time-based engagement data
  • Use LookBooks data to improve Marketo lead scoring and nurturing

LookBooks for Marketo allow you to take your prospect on a guided journey through your content by attractively packaging relevant, related content so that it can be consumed in a single session. You can quickly and easily add a LookBook to a Marketo email nurture campaign and send it to lead records in your database. Our Marketo customers find that LookBook email campaigns outperform traditional benchmarks.

The process of enabling the LookBook-Marketo integration is simple and straightforward:

  1. Connect your Marketo and LookBook accounts
  2. Create custom fields to store LookBook lead engagement scores
  3. Generate image hyperlinks and embed code to add LookBooks to Marketo landing pages and emails, respectively, via the intuitive design editors
  4. Sync leads captured from LookBook timed forms to your Marketo database organized into a list
  5. Sync LookBook engagement scores and granular engagement data to Marketo

Lookbooks’ post-click content engagement metrics allow you to determine what pieces of content your prospects are actually reading or watching, and for how long. This granular engagement data including “engagement scores” can be fed directly into Marketo to improve lead management activities and accelerate engaged prospects through your funnel.