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Smart marketing demands powerful analytics. Only Localytics brings mobile app marketing and analytics together.


Use Localytics to deliver incredible B2C app experiences.

Our cloud-based solution enables you to analyze and segment users based on in-app activity. Identify who your customers are, where they came from, and what they’re doing. We give you simple and actionable data to maximize the lifetime value of your users and drive engagement.

Localytics helps drive conversions with timely in-app and push messages based on customer information from inside & outside the app. Reach people who fall under a certain demographic (age, gender, location) and/or have completed a specific action (completed a workout, added an item to cart).

Marketo Integration

Create cross channel campaigns by integrating your Localytics mobile marketing and analytics data with Marketo. Syncing Localytics profiles with Marketo leads enables building of smarter email, in-app and push messaging campaigns.

Available on All of Your Devices

From web to mobile to tablets – you need to know your users no matter which device your customers choose. Localytics supports all major platforms – iOS, Android, Windows 8 and web apps. 

Deploy in Less than 10 Minutes

Integration is easy – with our plug-and-play SDK, easy-to-use guides and our responsive Customer Success team, you’ll access real-time analytics and marketing in no time. 

Complete Data Access

Our powerful query builder and full-fledged export API seamlessly integrate your data with your existing enterprise systems – data warehouse, CRM, advertising or business intelligence solutions. 

Customer Success Team

We want to make you successful, whether you are a new start-up or a Fortune 500 company. Our Customer Success Team is always there to help answer your questions and most importantly, take your app to the next level.


  • Through an integration of Localytics and Marketo mutual customers can use Marketo to automatically pass and/or retrieve data from Localytics Profiles via webhooks.

  • Mutual customers can also build Marketo Smart Campaigns that trigger push messages via Localytics, using the webhooks and Localytics' Push API.

Integration Benefits
  • Mutual customers can easily use Marketo lead data to enhance their targeting and personalization efforts in Localytics, and use Localytics data to enhance communication in Marketo, by sharing profile and lead data between platforms.

  • Mutual customers can coordinate Marketo emails and Localytics push messages as part of users’ complete journey and interaction with the brand

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