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LiveRamp Onboarding

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Data onboarding simplifies multi-channel marketing, empowering you to create better customer experiences and deliver more measurable results.
Main Features
  • Better closed-loop measurement
  • Improves targeting
  • Smarter 1-to-1 marketing
  • Makes data portable

Data Onboarding is the process of connecting customer data to digital marketing applications and media platforms.

When your marketing infrastructure is connected, you can reach consumers with consistent messages across channels and devices. Instead of treating each technology investment as a solo performer, you can run integrated campaigns where all of your applications and media platforms work together as an ensemble. You also gain a competitive edge by achieving the flexibility to deploy bestin-class technologies without the challenges associated with data silos.

Digital marketing applications are often difficult to integrate due to technical limitations as well as data privacy regulations and considerations. A Data Onboarding service addresses this challenge by operating as a universal translator between your customer data sources and digital marketing platforms. Through the Data Onboarding process, audience segments from CRM systems, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and other customer databases are first anonymized and then activated for use across marketing applications and media platforms in a way that protects consumer privacy.  

Data Onboarding Process in 4 Simple Steps:
1) Upload

Customer data files are imported via a secure process.

2) Anonymization

Customer records are anonymized and personally identifiable information (PII) is removed.

3) Matching

Anonymized customer records are matched to online devices or anonymous digital IDs.

4) Distribution

Data segments are activated for use in marketing applications and media platforms.