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Proactively connect with and engage your customers via chat, voice, and content delivery based on a real-time understanding of their needs.


Connecting with your customers is more complex than ever before. Your customers interact with your brand in many different ways and for different reasons at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Through multiple devices, they interact with you through your website, social media, mobile sites and apps, in-store, and more. And while it’s great that there are so many new ways for your customers to reach you, taking advantage of all these connection opportunities in a relevant and meaningful way is more challenging than ever.

LivePerson’s LiveEngage is an end-to-end, real-time engagement platform, empowering businesses to get the most out of their existing digital assets by intelligently engaging with customers based on a real-time understanding of their needs. By seamlessly integrating chat, voice, content, and video chat to create a multi-channel, multimedia engagement platform, LiveEngage combines sophisticated technology with robust business intelligence to produce compelling, measurable results for e-commerce, marketing, and contact center executives, as well as small business owner/operators. In short, LiveEngage creates meaningful connections between you and your customers, in ways never before possible or practical.

More than 8,500 customers worldwide rely on LiveEngage to increase conversions and improve customer experience. Find out today how companies like IBM, Microsoft, Verizon, Sky, and Walt Disney have seen conversion rates increase by up to 20%, average order size grow by 35%, and customer support costs decrease by 25%.


Capture more qualified leads. Convert anonymous website visitors into customers more quickly. Using the LivePerson LiveEngage Marketo integration, businesses have an agile solution for streamlining the journey from potential lead to customer.

Proactively connect with your customers in meaningful ways through targeted offers using actionable big data. Driven by internal and external data, LiveEngage intelligently engages your visitors via chat, voice, and content managed by Marketo. Maximize your ROI on your Google ad word spend. The LiveEngage Marketo combination dynamically displays the right offer for the visitor, based on the keyword clicked, and automatically associates him with the right marketing campaign. The result is fewer bounces, more leads, higher quality, and faster time to revenue.

The integration focuses on two distinct conversion steps in a lead’s lifecycle: (1) converting website visitors into qualified leads; and (2) helping convert leads to paying customers. The solution requires no additional IT involvement, is easily deployed and can be quickly modified to evolve with changing business requirements. Simply define a segment in LiveEngage, create a Marketo landing page, and associate the landing page with the LiveEngage segment. New visitors, who match the segment’s criteria, will now be shown the targeted offer. LiveEngage’s predictive targeting engine and real-time analytics proactively display the Marketo managed content (i.e. the landing page) as an overlay based on intelligence about the visitor and his behavior.

For example, a financial services company currently uses the solution to manage an onsite “winback” campaign. LiveEngage triggers the targeted offers when it detects that a visitor is about to leave the page. By displaying meaningful content at the right time, the company has seen an increase in both the number and quality of leads.

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