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LiveIntent  |  Applications
The LiveIntent platform is a smarter way to buy and sell ads within email.
Main Features
  • Acquire new subscribers
  • Retarget existing subscribers
  • Monetize your newsletters
  • Optimize your newsletters

LiveIntent allows publishers to monetize their emails with real-time ads and content from advertisers. The platform serves over 750 premium publisher partners from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal. The platform runs campaigns for over 450 of the top advertisers to acquire, reach, monetize and optimize first party content using features like our real-time ad exchange.

LiveIntent’s CRM retargeting solution, LiveAudience, allows marketers to reach segments of their lists (non-openers, non-clickers, best customers, abandoned carts, etc.) with an ad in third-party media. Similar to Facebook Custom Audiences or Twitter’s Tailored Audiences, LiveAudience is the perfect complement to retargeting efforts already in place.