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Never send another broken email. Preview your email in popular apps and devices before you send.
Main Features
  • Email Previews on 60+ clients
  • Email Checklist
  • Spam Filter Testing
  • Advanced Analytics

The most powerful optimization tools for email professionals

Litmus provides instant email previews, comprehensive checklists, and advanced analytics to help you optimize your next campaign.


Instant Email Previews

Never send another broken email. Get instant Email Previews in 50+ email clients, including iPhone, Outlook, and key international webmail clients, ensure your campaigns look great in every inbox.



Decrease turnaround time, reduce errors, and improve production processes. Custom Checklists identify critical elements that affect email performance and save hours of production time.



Ensure a consistently great brand experience for every subscriber everywhere. Reusable HTML and CSS code snippets and pre-tested templates reduce errors and maintain brand consistency across campaigns.


Spam Testing

Reach the inbox every time Spam filter tests. Quickly identify any potential issues and provide actionable suggestions to reach the inbox.


Advanced Email Analytics

Send personalized emails at the right time to the right device. Get aggregate and individual-level recipient data, geolocation, and device open insights to improve segmentation and optimization efforts.