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Bloggers know numbered list posts work. Listly provides a social platform for Listicles, which account for 30% of the web's content.
Main Features
  • Let anyone vote
  • Let anyone suggest omisions
  • Make it easier to share lists
  • Make lists embeddable

Listly lets your audience actively contribute to your blog posts, while you retain control. Get more from your numbered list posts with Listly.

Nobody questions if list posts work, we just believe there's a better way. We believe social lists win. A collaborative list platform for lists will always outperform static HTML lists.

Benefits of Authoring / Moderating / Administering List Posts with/via Listly:

  1. Add/edit lists directly via blog posts/pages or Listly (inc assisted finding or uploading of custom images) 
  2. Let your list posts evolve over time by accepting contributions from your readers (great for SEO)
  3. Moderate reader's suggestions as desired ( delete / approve / remove)
  4. Readers vote to rank their fave items, so your list post gets more useful over time
  5. Effortlessly share lists or list items on Listly or via embeds on any post/page

Authoring lists is tedious. Editing old posts to add omission/suggestions or to correct is even worse. Listly lets you update the content, without editing the post in WP admin, so nothing breaks. What's the cost of not updating? Does it say you aren listening? Worse still the utility of your content decays over time. We call it list rot.

Benefits of leveraging Listly as a publishing or media platform for list posts:

  1. Embed lists & create high traffic list posts on Wordpress & other blogging platforms
  2. Listly lists are responsive so your content looks great on mobile, tablets & desktops (it's not an iframe - width & height are dynamic based on available space & device constraints - embed in a page, post or a sidebar)
  3. Custom shortcodes allow you to choose from multiple layouts & control list behaviour 
  4. Metrics. Track where people view & engage with your lists. See who contributes & build an army of helpers
  5. Optionally lists can be hand curated into a custom curated order

Benefits of leveraging Listly lists for Content Marketing / Content Management:

  1. Earn great organic search traffic. Lists are automatically tagged for SEO best practices.
  2. Include media links on your lists to create interactive platlists eg slides, videos, audio, images, tweets etc (one plugin to let you embed many forms of media)
  3. Run contests/surveys to source & rank ideas. Option to let people & ideas on the fly
  4. Affiliate product lists have never been easier to create, share & embed (needs Pro)
  5. Get more from your Twitter lists by turning them into social content.