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Centrally Deploy Multi-lingual Email Campaigns
Main Features
  • Reduce costs 25 to 40 percent while decreasing cycle time 30 to 50 percent
  • Quickly localize email, landing page and pdf assets
  • Five- to seven-day turnaround
  • Leverage cloud-based process for localization
  • Work with a dedicated Global Email team and largest network of professional translators

Execute Centralized Global Email Campaigns
Even with the increased adoption of Marketing Automation platforms and other technologies that enable cross-channel efficiencies, global brands are frustrated by the difficulties of executing multilingual email campaigns. Marketing often requires international teams to manage campaigns due to a lack of a single platform for localizing email content, such as HTML documents and landing pages.. Centralizing the localization and execution of outbound and inbound campaigns leads to greater efficiency across borders with a shorter time to market.


Global Email Operations: Streamlining the Process
Global Email Operations simplifies the localization of multilingual email marketing campaigns using a combination of cloud-based technologies and highly optimized workflows to reduce costs and cycle times.


Global Email Operations process:

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Your email, landing page, and pdf content are localized and delivered back to you for distribution from your centralized platform.  Our in-context translation environment eliminates file preparation and improves the accuracy and relevancy of translations. 

Global Email Operations helps companies: 

  • Eliminate duplicating campaigns for individual markets
  • Achieve global reach with email efforts
  • Maintain brand consistency overseas
  • Utilize centralized tracking for customer insights worldwide


Global Marketing Experts Prepare Your Message for Success

Our industry-leading localization and production capabilities allow us to transform local content into campaigns. The Global Email team is versed on a variety of marketing platforms and will perform design, development and QA on all content.

By leveraging our expertise, we’re able to connect you with each of your target markets.


Proven Success

Global Email Operations is a solution under our Global Campaign Ops suite of services. By working collaboratively with in-house marketing teams and third-party agencies, we’ve successfully launched more than 2,000,000 global email campaigns.