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The buyer’s journey today is a complex one. People expect a connected experience. It’s more important than ever before to reach the right audiences, at the right moment, with the right message, using the right channel. Forces shaping the buyer’s journey today:

  • More cross-channel research prior to purchase decision. Decisions are increasingly influenced by content across multiple touchpoints.
  • Brands are expected to provide useful content for each phase of their buyer’s journey, from awareness to vendor consideration, purchase, and even post-purchase success.
  • Trust is foundational. People value their privacy and customer service experience.

A sophisticated and complex journey for your customer means you have to understand their offline and online presence, interests, and buying behaviors. You now have the opportunity to better connect with people – the ones inclined to buy certain products or services – through Marketo on LinkedIn.  

The power of Marketo on LinkedIn
Together, Marketo and LinkedIn offer the power and flexibility you need to engage customers at scale.

  1. First-party data matching: Engage your high value prospects and current customers with relevant LInkedIn content targeted to their stage of the customer lifecycle, such as event invites, an upgrade opportunity, or special offers.
  2. Suppression: Identify new prospects by suppressing current customers and leveraging LinkedIn’s professional demographic targeting segments (job function, years of experience, company size, etc.)
  3. Measurement: A/B test promotional content to measure performance using LinkedIn’s conversion tracking, Marketo’s marketing analytics, and Marketo Moments.



LinkedIn data integrations allow advertisers to create audience segments on LinkedIn with email lists sent from Marketo. Audience segments are then made available in LinkedIn advertising accounts for targeting with LinkedIn ads.


How it works: 

The integration (connected through Marketo AdBridge) enables Marketo users to send their Lists or SmartLists from Marketo directly to LinkedIn with the push of a button. Once the (auto-encrypted) list of contacts has been pushed to LinkedIn, you can nurture these contacts using Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Dynamic Ads, or Text Ads. Examples of contact lists that you might send include:

  • Pre-MQL contacts that you want to advance to MQLs
  • MQLs that you want to advance to SQLs or sales opportunities
  • Contacts currently in sales opportunities that you want to turn into new customers
  • Cold contacts that haven't engaged for several months
  • ...and more!

For more information on the setup process, read this articles on getting started with Linkedin data integrations and sending a list from Marketo to LinkedIn.

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