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Limelight Orchestrate

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Getting your content to any device, anywhere in the world.
Main Features
  • Publish video to any device
  • Make your website faster
  • Deliver content anywhere

Consumer expectations for digital experiences are increasing. They want rich, interactive websites that respond in the blink of an eye and are available on any device, anywhere they go. Sound familiar?

It goes without saying that video is becoming the “go to” format for many users. Why? Let’s face it, video is just more engaging. But going it alone can be a major hassle. You have to understand the myriad of formats for all those devices, you may need to monetize your video, and you want to be able to report on it. Sure, YouTube can provide you some of that but in with Limelight Orchestrate Video, you get all the features and tools you need to build a workflow, manage your video, monetize it, and even publish it to your website, YouTube, and a host of other third-party sites. It’s like “command central” for all your video.

But even if you have great video, consumers won’t stand having to wait? When your video buffers, even a little, people leave. Only if your website is slow as well, they may never get to even click the play button. Limelight Orchestrate Performance combines technologies that accelerate the delivery of your website objects, your dynamic pages and scripts, your video, and even the “front end” of your website. Limelight Orchestrate Performance makes sure that every element of your digital experience is delivered as quickly as possible.

Still, what happens when you have video, a fast website, but it’s only available to a few people (like your neighbor)? Digital breaks down geographies. Digital reduces the cost and effort to get your content next-door or half-way around the world. But going at it yourself is costly and time-consuming. Bandwidth contracts, data center agreements, depreciating hardware. It’s all a pain that can be easily remedied with Limelight Content Delivery. Leveraging one of the world’s biggest networks with presence in most major markets around the globe, Limelight Content Delivery gives you the reach to device and geography without installing and managing your own hardware.

Don’t leave your digital experiences to chance. Make them engaging with video. Make them fast. Delivery them everywhere. Limelight Orchestrate Video, Performance, and Content Delivery can make it happen.

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