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Leanplum offers the only fully-integrated optimization solution for mobile apps. Unleash the value of data by optimizing mobile content and messaging.


Leanplum is a fully-integrated optimization solution for mobile apps. The company enables developers, product managers and marketers to unleash the value of customer data by easily optimizing mobile content and messaging via flexible A/B testing, marketing automation and powerful analytics.

We offer:

  • Content Management - Personalize and publish mobile content dynamically with Leanplum Content Management. Built from the ground up to sync, store, and deploy mobile assets in real-time, we handle all the security, syncing, and offline support.
  • Marketing Automation - Create, automate, and test highly targeted mobile in-app messages and push notifications to optimize user engagement, retention and brand loyalty.
  • Flexible A/B Testing - Leanplum's Mobile A/B Testing enables product managers and marketers to optimize the mobile user experience. Go from data-driven insight to targeted action at light speed.
  • Powerful Analytics - Move away from a HIPPO (Highly Paid Person’s Opinion) culture. Empower your team to make data-driven decisions for your mobile app's success. With powerful features to drill down into your data, everyone on your team can gain insights.


The powerful integration between Marketo and Leanplum allows marketers and product managers to serve omni-channel campaigns and to transfer web-originated user behavior data to mobile and vice-versa.

Below, we summarize the steps needed to setup your Marketo environment and provide examples of several useful use-cases that show the rich potential of cross-channel messaging for marketers both in native mobile applications and on the Web. 

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